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Across Vancouver, networks of committed people are focusing on food justice and resilience at the neighbourhood level. Creation of these Neighbourhood Food Networks (NFNs) represent the will of community members, organizations, and agencies to collaborate on community-based food initiatives and programs. VNFNs provide a space for NFN representatives from across the city to collaborate, share best practices and advocate for food justice with a unified voice.


    Community and school gardens connect people around the rich experience of growing food and foster environmental stewardship.


    Celebrations involving food meet physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs, while at the same time increase community awareness around food security and reduce social isolation.


    Accessing food includes drop-in meals, bulk buying clubs, mobile produce markets, emergency food access, and more. We acknowledge and work to break down barriers that prevent people from accessing nutrient-rich, affordable, and personally acceptable food.


    NFNs share knowledge and resources around every level of our food systems. Education and engagement takes the form of workshops, community kitchens, lectures and films, advocacy, and research.

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    Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks Work Towards a Poverty Free BC

    Lettuce Turnip the Beet on Poverty Reduction Campaign

    Meet CCEC Member, Vancouver Neighbouhood Food Networks (VNFN) and Ian Marcuse, tong-time CCEC Member who is one of the sponsors for this group.  Ian works for the Grandview Woodland Food Connection, one of the 14 neighbourhoods across Vancouver who belong to this Food Network.

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    Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks (VNFNs) represent the strength of community members, organizations, and agencies to collaborate on community-based food initiatives and programs that support food access and resilience at the neighbourhood level. VNFNs from across the city meet to collaborate, share best practices and advocate for food justice with a unified voice.

    The VNFNs are looking for a highly-organized individual with a passion for food justice to support their organizational objectives of 1) External Communications, 2) Long-term Financial Sustainability, 3), and Internal communications including, governance and administration.


    • Familiarity with food security and food justice, particularly within the Vancouver context
    • Strong connections in the local food movement and the ability to cultivate collaboration within and across sectors
    • Strong experience in communications, including graphic design (adobe suite), website maintenance, social media, etc.
    • Past experience in project coordination, fundraising, and grant writing
    • Creative and resourceful thinking , able to leverage finite resources to meet objectives

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    External Communications: 30%

    • Help create and manage all external communications including social media & blog posts, website updates, press releases, brochures, posters, etc.
    • Manage the VNFN’s public email account and respond to public inquiries

    Fund Development and Fundraising: 30%

    • Help to build and maintain relationships with funders
    • Support fundraising initiatives (raffles, business partnerships, etc.) and grant applications

    Internal Communications (incl. governance and administration) 40%

    • Handle all emails and correspondence
    • Organize bimonthly meetings, agendas, minutes, and following-up on action items
    • Track and reporting on the VNFN strategic plan and budget
    • Collect and pay VNFN invoices
    • Assist with updates to the VNFN terms of reference, as needed
    • Manage the VNFN google groups account, organizing and maintaining a Drop-Box folder to facilitate efficient internal communication and information sharing between VNFNs
    • Develop and facilitate an orientation process for new VNFN members

    Rate of Pay: $28.00 per hour

    Job Duration: Average of 8hr/week (flexibility required based on work) beginning in August

    Deadline for Applications: July 1, 2017 (shortlisted applicants will be notified mid July)

    The VNFN supports an affirmative action hiring process.

    Please forward cover letter & resume to: with subject line “VNFN Communications and Network Developer”

    We thank all applicants, only those short listed will be contacted.


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    The Vancouver Neighborhood Food Networks helped get out the vote with our Lettuce Turnip the Heat on poverty reduction. Partnering with the Food Bank, several of the VNFNs tabled at local Food Bank depots providing information of voter registration and the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition’s poverty reduction plan for which many Food Bank members were interested to receive the information. The tabling went well and we look forward to more poverty reduction advocacy in the near future.


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    We are pleased to present this campaign, Lettuce Turnip the Heat on Poverty Reduction – Vote! alongside the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition’s Poverty Free BC Action Week.

    February 25, 2017 to March 3, 2017 is a week of action, leading up to the Poverty Free BC Rally on March 4th. Each day of the week lines up with an essential pillar the proposed poverty reduction plan.  You can read more here:

    For the campaign, we have developed a fact sheet for each day, with some copy, to be shared on social media. Please see below for the schedule and content to be shared! It would be amazing to have as many networks as possible sharing these.


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    The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks are proud to join the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, Raise the Rates BC and the BC Federation of Labour and many other groups to Rally for a Poverty Free BC. We understand that lack of food access is largely a consequence of poverty.

    This is our chance to raise our voices together and show candidates in the provincial election that we’ll be voting for politicians that commit to a strong, comprehensive poverty reduction plan.

    There will be a week of action leading up to the rally (Feb. 25 – Mar. 3) with each day of the week lined up with an essential pillar of an effective poverty reduction plan. There will be film screenings, panel discussions, webinars and more. Stay tuned for more information!

    Poverty Free BC Rally
    Saturday, March 4th 2017, 12-2pm
    Vancouver Public Library, Robson side


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    Thank you to all who supported the Raise the Rates 2016 Welfare Food Challenge. Those of us who participated in the Challenge learned first hand of the harsh experience of people in our province who are having to survive on the current social assistance rates. Eating on $18 week is extremely cruel.

    Now that the Challenge is over, let’s funnel the energy and enthusiasm into action.

    Here are some suggestions:

    • Ask people to sign our online petition.
    • Write to your member of the Legislative Assembly, find their contact here, and Premier Christy Clark and Leader of the Opposition John Horgan saying welfare needs to raise now by hundreds of dollars a month.
    • Go to the ‘Take Action’ section of our website (, and do some of the suggested actions.
    • Tell people about our new campaign, called We Can’t Afford Poverty. We Can’t Afford Poverty is an arts-based campaign that is aiming to keep poverty and homelessness at the forefront of the coming election campaign. By signing onto our mailing list, people will be tapped into Raise the Rates’ action campaign as we move towards the election.
    • Donate the money saved on food purchases this week to Raise the Ratesto help support and broaden our campaign efforts. Paste this link into your browser for the online donation form: The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition will pass on the money to Raise the Rates as we don’t have an online form.

    Thank you for helping to raise the rates and end poverty in BC.


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    The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks rallied support behind Raise the Rates’ 5th Annual Welfare Food Challenge, which began on October 16th, 2016, World Food Day.


    Explore more here.


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    This year’s Welfare Food Challenge starts on October 16th and participants will be expected to purchase all of the food that they consume for 7 days with only $18. This is the amount that Raise the Rates, the organizer for the challenge, has calculated someone on welfare has left for food after paying their expenses. Last year the amount was $26, but the rising cost of rent has reduced the amount by $8 to a measly $18. It’s clearly impossible to adequately feed oneself with $18 per week and the Challenge emphasizes the absurdity of a social welfare system that produces such an outcome in a rich country.

    Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks (VNFNs) work to reduce food insecurity through initiatives such as community kitchens, food rescue, bulk buying, skills building workshops, meal programs, and advocacy, and recognize that policy action is needed to address the root causes. “Sadly, we are seeing a rise in demand and increasing waitlist for some of our food distribution programs….many people simply cannot afford to buy food when faced with the increased cost of living in Vancouver. People are forced to choose between paying rent and buying food. We recognize that the Welfare Food Challenge is not a Challenge that can be won” says Ian Marcuse of the Grandview Woodland Food Connection.

    Income assistance rates in BC have been stagnant for the last 9 years, with a single person receiving only $610 a month. This is not enough to support basic needs, nor positive health outcomes. Furthermore, these rates violate people’s human rights and basic dignity. The Dietitians of Canada (2016) point out that there are serious negative effects on physical and mental health when people cannot afford a healthy diet – food prices in BC have risen 12% since 2009 and “it is timely for further income and disability assistance reform so that more British Columbians can afford sufficient healthy food and meet their nutritional needs.”

    Raise the Rates’ Welfare Food Challenge draws attention to this issue from the lens of food insecurity. VNFNs support Raise the Rates’ call to action to raise income assistance rates recognizing that people require the financial means to purchase their own food, and will be participating in the Challenge. Charitable food solutions to hunger are not solving the problem: more than 12% of British Columbians remain food insecure even with substantial amounts of support from the charitable food sector. Local communities are doing their part and VNFNs call on the provincial government to increase food security by raising income assistance rates.

    VNFNs represent 12 neighbourhoods across Vancouver and engage with the most marginalized community members, witnessing first-hand the detrimental impact that barriers to accessing food and abject poverty can have on complex health conditions, such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and cardiovascular disease. It is often those with the greatest need for high quality nutritious food that face the most difficult barriers to accessing it.

    Information on the Welfare Food Challenge can be found at:


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    Nourish Our Neighbourhood is our annual fundraising campaign. One hundred percent of proceeds from this campaign will go to support community-based food initiatives in your community. 50% of net proceeds will be given in your neighbourhood and 50% will fund the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks, our umbrella organization.

    We need your support! All throughout the month of October check out our amazing partners here.




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    A huge thank you to Whole Foods for their generous support of the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks.  Money will be used to support various VNFN community food access programs across Vancouver.

    whole foods


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