REPORT: Sustainability on the Table

This report presents the findings and recommendations of an extensive consultation process to suggest ways forward for sustaining Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Food Network (NFN) movement. The lead consultants worked with seven of Vancouver’s growing number of NFNs and approximately 75 key stakeholders to understand the key priorities, challenges, and strategic links for supporting multiple dimensions of sustaining NFNs including funding, developmental, relational, and in-kind support.

A particular focus of the project is to make recommendations for Vancouver Coastal Health’s Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI) which has been supporting grassroots food action since 2005. This strategic sustainability plan was initiated by Vancouver Coastal Health to inform future allocation of the CFAI funding and has also been expanded to provide recommendations for the NFN movement at large and its various stakeholders in the interest of sustaining and growing this movement so it may further thrive.

 Download the report here:

Sustainability On The Table