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Donate to Food Justice NOT Charity. Test reads: 1 in 8 Canadians do not have access to adequate food due to insufficient incomes or denied access to land and resources to produce their own food. We call this food insecurity. As food prices and living costs are skyrocketing, food charity does not solve the problem of food insecurity 15 Neighbourhood Food Networks build community food empowerment across the City of Vancouver. Through community food markets, community and school gardens, food workshops, and more, Networks work to strengthen grassroots food cultures and promote greater community control over local food systems. By building extensive relations and partnerships, Networks work to create a more equitable and just food system for all Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks is a city-wide coalition that works to amplify the voices of diverse Networks by centering food equity and justice through policy advocacy and systems change efforts to root out food insecurity in communities across Vancouver
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