Lettuce Turnip the Heat – Vote!

Let’s Make Poverty an Election Issue

We are pleased to present this campaign, Lettuce Turnip the Heat on Poverty Reduction – Vote! We are working to raise our voices together to show candidates in the provincial election that we’ll be voting for politicians that commit to a strong, comprehensive poverty reduction plan. British Columbia remains the only province in Canada without a formal plan to reduce poverty.

A comprehensive strategy with  seven overarching policy areas and specific actions has been identified and can be read here.

The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks agree with the Dieticians of Canada that the underlying cause of food insecurity is financial constraints. Not having enough money to pay for food. An effective and comprehensive poverty reduction plan is critical for food security. Each pillar of the Poverty Reduction Plan will have significant impacts on alleviating hunger.

Learn more how you can Turnip the Heat on Poverty Reduction. Join the call and share this campaign! Full campaign assets are available for download here.


Low Wages and Food Insecurity

Marginalized Communities and Food Insecurity

Link to further reading, 1 pager with citations and details.

Health and Food Insecurity


Education and Food Insecurity

Childcare and Food Insecurity


Welfare and Food Insecurity

Housing and Food Insecurity